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clients all have different needs. There is no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All when it comes to filming a show, an event or a broadcast. We specialize in being able to quickly react and change the studio configuration to serve a projects needs.


Building small intimate spaces to capture the personal service of a doctor or constructing a world class broadcast set to deliver content globaly, both require the kind of vision, design and production capabilities that Studio 2050 embodies.

is an example of our set / studio capabilities.  Dr. Ruddle and his team at Advanced Endodontics required a space to create educational and training videos, marketing promotional pieces and document the development of cutting edge techniques.  Working together, we turned his dream into a versitile and powerful communications platform.


Equipped with the latest filming and post production technology,  the 2050 studio offers incredible flexibility for any project. The studio's green screen backgrounds, integrated video graphics and the capability to design and build sets allows the creative process to flow freely with out limitations.

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This State-of-the-art Operatory

  • Click arrows below to see the making of the operatory
  • Click arrows below to see the making of the operatory